Crowdsourcing your Wedding Photographs

Yes, its a new word in the wedding photography handbook, “Crowdsourcing”

here’s an emerging trend overseas for wedding couples to take a different approach to documenting their wedding day. More and more, how a couple chooses do this is yet another extension of the way in which they collect their identity. Technology and smartphones are changing the way we interact with each other, they’re also shaping decisions around wedding-day pictures.

So now we come to the vocation of “Crowdsourcing” Some couples are collecting the images taken by guests to complement or even replace those captured by the professional wedding photographer. At the same time, some couples are asking guests to “unplug” and put away their cameras and phones altogether to avoid distraction and to keep the integrity of the event.

As I have said in another post here, everyone’s a photographer now. It wasn’t a long time ago that eight megapixels was a pro camera. Now you have that on your phone and more. For clients and couples, it’s great because they have so many options. But for people like me who only derives its benefits from the work I do as a professional photographer, it makes the competition serious, very serious.

But bear this in mind when you are trying to please the couple.  The thought of exchanging vows in front of a crowd was daunting enough, the last thing they needed were camera flashes illuminating the altar throughout the ceremony.

Do we really need this intrusion of “Crowdsourcing”

Please tell me what you think.